Carreau Consulting & Associates is a boutique government relations firm that builds the identity, presence and impact of its clients in New York State government.


Our obligation to each and every client is to form powerful, lasting relationships with key stakeholders in Albany that lead to success on legislative, policy and budgetary fronts. 

In Albany, the legislative process is complex, nuanced and shifting. Our clients benefit by our rich experience navigating this ever-changing legislative landscape, creating strong relationships and building coalitions that strengthen their cause.

We believe the key to legislative success is raising the awareness and understanding of decision makers and finding common ground. As such, we go deep on every issue in which we’re engaged, providing our clients with comprehensive policy development, legislative, budgetary and winning communications strategies. 

At the end of the day, passion makes all the difference. Carreau Consulting looks for clients with causes and issues about which we deeply care. Because we are passionate about the issues we take on, we go the extra mile for our clients – exploring every angle, leaving no stone unturned – to optimize client results. 




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