Carreau Consulting & Associates is all about results. As such, we recommend a full and integrated approach to achieving intended outcomes. 

Building YOUR Legislative Identity

On any given day at the capitol, there are hundreds of organizations represented and vying for the attention of legislators and their staff.  Carreau Consulting specializes in cutting through the tangle of voices and agendas to develop a strong legislative identity for clients. We will work with you to build your visibility and viability to raise the level of awareness and understanding of your cause. 

Legislative and Budget Strategy Development

You need an agenda with laser focus to success!  We’ll help you craft an agenda that advances your mission, considers the legislative and political landscape and leverages your organizational resources.

Issue Advocacy and Campaign Development

We provide a clear mission for all legislative endeavors, map out the short and long term steps of advancement, articulate legislative targets, identify potential allies and opponents and assist in the development of a press strategy.

Legislative and Political Surveying

The legislative and political terrain in Albany is ever shifting and complex.  Carreau Consulting blends constant monitoring with an acute understanding of the nuanced complexities of emerging issues, the potential impact, and opportunities for each client.


Carreau Consulting provides constant and consistent boots on the ground representation -- on and off session -- with the legislature, executive, agencies and key staff. We have a reputation for being the first one in and the last to leave. 

Legislative Tracking and Monitoring

Approximately 15,000 pieces of legislation will be introduced during a two year session.  Carreau Consulting provides comprehensive surveying and monitoring of bill introduction to protect against potentially negative consequences and apprise clients of emerging issues of opportunity. 

Coalition Building

Carreau Consulting has a longstanding reputation for building strategic alliances between organizations to advance legislative initiatives, mitigate opposition and build increased capacity. This is difficult work, but is essential to success, and not a core competency of most lobbying firms. 

Building Press Presence

Many legislative issues have the potential to gain traction through strategic utilization of the press.  Carreau Consulting has worked closely with the Legislative Press Corp. to build momentum on issues and build relationships between organizations and the press.